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  • Run Up
  • Recorder
  • Balancer
  • FASIT (Expert System)
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  • ADS (Operating Deflection Shapes)
  • Ultrasound 

Standard built-in modules

​​A4404 SAB

4-Channel Vibration Analyzer

The A4404 SAB (Signal Analyzer Box) is a pocket size 4 channel vibration analyzer. Connect the A4404 SAB to any computer by USB and use the unit for data analysing, collecting and the recording of vibration signals. The instrument is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed.
The A4404 SAB is ideal for traveling and for teaching purposes. 
Install free Virtual Unit software to your computer to get all the functions of A4400 VA4 Pro analyzer. 

A4404 SAB key features

  • Small and light pocket vibration analyzer

  • No batteries needed (powered from the PC)

  • Memory size depends on the PC

  • Ideal for traveling and for teaching purposes

Data Sheets & Manuals

Available Configurations

1.         Adash A4404 SAB instrument
2.         Triaxial accelerometer
3.         Single-axis accelerometer
4.         Flat magnet
5.         Triaxial coiled cable
6.         Single-axis coiled cable
7.         Extension cable
8.         Window tablet
9.         Professional transport case
10.       External battery size 1
11.       External battery size 2
12.       Mounting pad
13.       BNC Breakout Box
14.       Impact hammer
15.       Tachometer set
16.       Stroboscope
17.       Microphone
18.       Ultrasound microphone
19.       Current clamp

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