ADS Software key features

  • Vizualization of vibration (which is not visible by human eye)

  • Posibility to select animation frequency (or multiple frequencies)

  • Posibility to animate vibration displacement, velocity or acceleration

  • Manual entry of measured values or values measured and loaded directly from the A4400 VA4 Pro (ADS module)

  • Free ADS version available - View Only (ADS versions)

​​ADS Software

Animated Deflection Shape

The Animated Deflection Shapes software is based on the method of operating deflection shapes. This means that we visualize the vibrations of the machine by animation. During the animation the vibration movement is slowed down to very low frequency and the amplitude of the motion is increased so we can see the vibration. It is a combination of vibration measurement and software processing.
The output of the method is vibration movement animation on one forcing frequency or on multiple forcing frequencies. The output of the method is easily understandable for everybody.

ADS Versions

ADS - View Only

Free version – possible to download it from Adash website (no license needed)
Possibility to open existing file (Adash Demo files or file send to you by somebody who has full licensed ADS)
Possibility to play the animation and change animation setting
You are not able to create your own model
You are not able to transfer measured data to the viewed mode

ADS - Full Version

Licensed version – it is necessary to purchase license
You can create your model for future animation.
The measured data (by A4400 VA4 Pro) can be transferred to this version to play the animation
You can play the animation and change animation setting
You can open existing ADS files

Not all functions are listed in this list for ADS Full Versions here, many other functions are available in this version of course. See the manual for more information. 

Data Sheets & Manuals