Data Sheets & Manuals

AT-2040 is the only portable vibration calibrator capable of measuring sensitivity readings for Voltage, IEPE, Charge accelerometers, and 4-20mA transmitters.
The AT-2040 also features a built in charge amplifier and power supply to provide a positive 24 volt supply for 4-20mA input sensors and negative 24 volts for proximity probe drivers.
The built in power supply can also provide an adjustable 5 to 20 volts for 3 pin connectors needing external power. This is all done through AT-2040’s superior design and requires absolutely no external equipment. AT-2040 is an executive class calibrator for operators needing the absolute best equipment.
In addition to testing sensors, the AT-2040 can test and verify performance of vibration system meters and cabling by using a built in signal generator to simulate current or voltage at a range of 0.1hz to 11khz. AT-2040 can simulate a wide variety of accelerometers, proximity probes, and other transducers that can be fed back into drivers, cabling, connectors, and meters for quick work on system checkout and new system installs.
This advanced system also features an automatic test mode to calibrate accelerometers without user interaction. Simply choose your sensor type and AT-2040 will sweep through the accelerometer frequency range while plotting its deviation on the color LCD screen. At the completion of your test the results will be saved in PDF format and can be exported to USB devices at any time.



AT-2040 Vibration Sensor Test Set