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Accelerometers, Enclosures, Vibration Systems and Switches, Mounting Studs, Magnets

Vibration Measurement, Analysis, In-situ Balancing, Sensor and Meter Calibratio, Rental

‚ÄčAdvanced Reliability Services (ARS) specialised in providing high quality product in vibration measurement application with committed technical support to our customers. We provide services in vibration analysis, vibration condition monitoring, field balancing, vibration sensor calibration and are also the authorised service center for performing calibration & repair of the Adash Product.

For customer that need to use the product for one-off application, we can offer rental of vibration instrument for rotating machinery and floor measurements.

Accelerometer Calibration, Sensor Simulation, Proximity Probe Testing

Handheld Vibration Calibrator

AccelerometerBias Voltage Check, Sensor Simulation, Proximity Probe Testing

Vibration Measurement and Condition Measurement Instrument

Vibration Services

Portable Vibration Calibrator

Handheld Vibration Calibrator

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