Online Monitoring Systems

  • A3900 II – 1 channel
  • A3716 – 16 channel​

Software for Vibration Diagnostics

  • DDS - Digital Diagnostics System
  • ADS - Animated Deflection Shapes
  • A4410 Virtual Unit


  • A4950 - Stroboscope
  • A4801 - Sensor Simulator
  • Accessories

Customised Vibration Measurement, Calibration And Rental

Vibration measurement from protection system, customised conditions.

Rental for portable vibration meter, analyser, online monitoring system and calibration product for weekly or monthly usage.

​​Authorised service and calibration centre for all Adash product. Calibration services includes piezoelectric accelerometer, vibration meters, mechanical switches.

Vibration Sensor And System Test Products

Vibration Monitoring For Industrial Applications

Vibration Measurement For Rotating Equipment

One-off vibration measurement utilised for mechanical acceptance tests on new and refurbished equipment, mechanical fault detection, component fault analysis, condition monitoring program, prerequisite for in-situ balancing.

Externally powered multi-channel portable instrument to measure up to 24 sensors or 8 locations with triaxial accelerometer or the externally powered 16-channel monitoring system for long duration of vibration data measurements, whether for machinery commissioning, acceptable test or trouble-shooting.

Product range

  • SC-100 - IEPE Sensor Checker

  • PC-100 - Proxiity Probe Checker

  • MSS-1010 Multi-Sensor Simulator

  • MSC-1015 Multi Signal Calibrator


  • Vibration Meter Kits
  • Industrial Junction Boxes
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Connectors
  • Studs
  • Magnets
  • Installation Products

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Welcome to ​​Advanced Reliability Services (ARS) we specialised in providing high quality product in vibration measurement application with committed technical support and professional advice to our customers. We also provide services in vibration condition monitoring, field balancing, vibration sensor calibration services and preventive/predictive maintenance solutions.

We are the service, repair and calibration centes for Adash, North Protection and Agate Technology product.

For customer that need product for one-off application, we can offer rental services of vibration measurement equipment for the rotating machinery or floor measurement; portable vibration calibrator for field commissioning. Feel free to contact us for any requirement for your applications.

Range of products

  • AC Vibration Sensors
  • AC Velocity
  • 4-20mA Transmitters
  • Switch & Connection Enclosures
  • Vibration Modular System & Switches​

Handheld Calibration Instruments​​

In-situ Dynamic Fan Balancing

Out-of-balance fan machineries caused by impeller wear, less-than-perfect workshop balancing will cause significant increase in machinery vibration, leading to reduced machine/component life and increased operating hazard.

In-situ fan balancing enables the correction of these unbalance in ensuring the fan unit bearing life is optimum, operator's safety not compromised and withour unnecessary breakdown.


Portable Vibration Instrument

  • A4900 - Vibrio / Vibrio M

  • A4900 - Vibrio Ex

  • A4910 - Lubri

  • A4300 - VA3Pro

  • A4400 - VA4Pro

  • A4404 - SAB

Portable Vibration Meter, Analyser and Online System

Building Floor Measurements

Vibration measurement on the frequencies and amplitudes of the vibrations at the building production floor, office floor or area where the sensitive equipment will be installed. The measured data are then compared against the equipment manufacturer's specification or known standard for acceptance.

​Choose from these models

AT-2030, AT-2035 & AT-2040

Best In Class Pricing And Features:

  • Automatic Test
  • Automatic NIST Certification to PDF
  • Sensor Simulation And Unit Calculation
  • Sensitivity reading for 4-20ma transmitters; IEPE, Voltage, and Charge mode